Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What You Need To Become A Marine Professional

Become A Marine Professional
One must be able to go through different courses and understand the different tools and instruments naturally used in everyday navigation to become a professional licensed to navigate a vessel. Top schools and institutes also incorporate latest marine technologies in their courses. First-hand training on how to use top-of-the-line marine equipment like marine GPS, chart plotters, autopilot systems, multi-functional navigational displays, radars, sounder modules and other navigational instruments are what a student can expect. To land top organizations or companies in the future, knowledge and skills in this area will be necessary.

Government laws and compliance related to navigation and operations are also important data that a marine professional must also be aware of and familiar with. A reliable marine professional must know what are the equipment required to be on-hand and available at times and what are the health and safety regulations that must be followed. Emergency training programs must also be passed to make sure that everyone are skilled and capable to practice safety measures and make sound decisions during life-threatening situations. As the life of the passengers rely on the professionals, these professionals must provide emergency tactics and provisions. Research shows that human error is the cause of 80% of marine accidents. Expert training and necessary safety equipment will reduce the risk of danger.

Maritime educational institutes must breed experts that will be the future of this industry. It is crucial to properly educate aspiring marine professionals not only in the proper operations and use of navigational instruments like marine charts, radars and radio transmitters but also in health and safety programs. Every commercial cruise line, shipping company or transport business will need the best professionals who can offer outstanding performance and expertise.